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US Starts Biggest Ever Survey of Nature and Wildlife

The National Nature Assessment is a ground-breaking survey aimed at protected America's natural resources.

Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA

In a presentation at the Ecological Society of America Conference in Oregon, Phil Levin, director of the project and part of the faculty at the University of Washington, effectively summed up the endeavour as a comprehensive effort “to take stock of nature and nature’s benefits.”

The study, reports New Scientist, is designed to provide an all-encompassing perspective on biodiversity. It will not only quantify the different fabric of life across the country, but it will also project how this intricate web might shift as a result of climate change - and aims to highlight the intrinsic value that the species and environments of the nation offers to everyone's lives.

As Jane Lubchenco, Deputy Director for Climate and Environment in the US, aptly reflects, “While many scientists are well aware that there’s a biodiversity crisis, most of the rest of the world hasn’t really paid attention to that.” The National Nature Assessment seeks to shift this narrative by instilling urgency and community responsibility for maintaining our planet’s biodiversity.

The National Nature Assessment is expected to be completed in 2026, and hopes not only to increase awareness but also empower individuals, communities, and policymakers to chart a collaborative route towards a better, sustainable future.


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