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Want to Pretend to Live on Mars?

Want to find your inner Matt Damon and spend a year pretending you are isolated on Mars? NASA has a job for you.

To prepare for eventually sending astronauts to Mars, NASA has begun taking applications for four people to live in Mars Dune Alpha. That's a 1,700-square-foot Martian habitat, created by a 3D-printer, and inside a building at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The paid volunteers will work a simulated Martian exploration mission complete with spacewalks, limited communications back home, restricted food and resources and equipment failures.

As you might expect, NASA has a few requirements of the applicants. Number one: you must be an American. Plus applicants have to be between 30 and 55, in good physical health with no dietary issues and not prone to motion sickness. Furthermore, you must have a master's degree in a science, engineering or math field or pilot experience. Oh, one more thing, you have to be prepared to live in this simulated environment for a whole year.

Happily, that's an Earth year, as Martian years have 687 days.

So, if that's your profile and you want to apply. Click here


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