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Water Filtering Swimming Pool in East River

NYC unveils plans for a floating swimming pool that can also clean 600,000 gallons of polluted water every day.

New Yorkers know that the East River has been “unswimmable” since the 1930s due to its horrible levels of pollution. The good news is that this state of affairs may soon change thanks to an exciting new project called + POOL, which will clean the river water in a sustainable way.

Recently approved by city planners, the project will feature a large plus-sign-shaped floating swimming pool that hopes to entice New Yorkers back to the waters of the East River whilst cleaning up the river at the same time.

The innovative idea of building an Olympic-size public pool in the East River is the brainchild of a team of designers who have been working on the idea for over a decade. Now, the fruits of their labours should soon come to life. + POOL has just received an official “confirmation to proceed with due diligence” from New York City Economic Development Corporation and can go ahead with logistics planning.

According to the current proposal, the pool would offer New Yorkers a fun and safe place to swim, whilst simultaneously filtering up to 600,000 gallons of polluted water from the East River daily. It's a win win!


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