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Wave Energy - Ready, Steady, Go?

There's been much hope and a promise on this subject, but is it now the moment for ocean waves to generate commercially viable renewable power?

Capturing the ocean's energy to create renewable power has been mooted and trialed for several years, but progress to scale up such technology has been disappointingly slow.

That may be about to change thanks to the endeavours of a handful of companies that are trying to make this source of clean energy a commercial reality. For example, Ocean Wave Technology has been successfully operating a massive wave-powered generator since early 2019, showing great promise for the fledgling industry.

Innovators have already tried to make wave energy a reality in the past, but their projects either fell apart or ran out of money in the end. But as the industry is slowly coming to the realization that there is a really good market opportunity around this renewable form of energy, more companies are starting to test their technologies.

Finish company AW-Energy, for example, is prepping to trial its wave energy device, called WaveRoller, as soon as next year. Other companies are also planning to follow suit, including Sweden’s CorPower Ocean, which hopes to have wave energy technology up and running by 2024 - an encouraging sign for the future of renewable energy.

It would be wonderful news if wave energy could join join solar and wind as a viable source of renewable energy - sooner rather than later.

Source: Futurism

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