What Zelensky Gives Allies When They Visit

Updated: Jun 24

Volodymyr Zelensky has come a long way since his days as a comedy actor but, despite today's circumstances in his country, he clearly hasn't lost his sense of humour. As illustrated by the particular gift he likes to give close allies, such as Ben Wallace, UK Defence Secretary.

Zelensky with Wallace | Credit: Volodymyr Zelensky's office

The pair were pictured posing with the gift after meeting in Kyiv to discuss what further aid Britain can provide the country as its war against Russia rumbles on.

The Ukrainian president presented Ben Wallace with a set of signed, framed commemorative stamps, released to celebrate the now-legendary moment a Ukrainian border guard told a Russian warship to “go f--- yourself”.

The stamps, released in April shortly before Russia’s Moskva flagship was sunk, celebrate Ukraine’s defiance, immortalising the moment a lone but resolute border guard told the warship to “go f--- yourself” when it demanded Snake Island’s surrender on the first day of the invasion.

When the stamps were first released, Ukrainians queued for hours in the hope of securing the historic item, with its design showing a soldier raising a middle finger at the battleship.

Mr Zelensky has since presented them to all his closest allies, to thank them for their support.

Footage released of his meeting with Mr Wallace shows the Ukrainian leader personally signing the gift before handing it to his guest.

Last week, Mr Zelensky said he was pleased not to have lost Boris Johnson as a “great ally”, after the Prime Minister survived a confidence vote against his leadership of the Conservative Party.