Which Country Leads The World in Renewable Energy?

Answer: Norway. By a substantial margin. That's probably not a surprise, but the country in the third slot may be...

Norway is the country with the highest share of renewable energy in the world, according to new data from energy tariff comparison platform Utility Bidder. It reveals the top 20 countries in the clean energy field, as well as those which rely most on fossil fuels.

The fossil fuels measured were coal, oil and natural gas, while renewable sources were biofuels and waste, wind, solar and hydro. The figures were sourced from the International Energy Agency (IEA), reports Euronews Green.

56 percent of Norway’s total energy usage comes from renewable sources, while the UK ranks 20th with clean energy only accounting for a dismal 13 percent.

Norway utilises hydropower more than any other country around the globe - it accounts for 45 percent of its supply alone. Renewable energy sources account for 42 percent of New Zealand's energy supply, and it's a world leader in wind and solar energy which make up 25 percent of its energy supply.

With the third highest supply of renewable energy, Brazil is the leader in biofuel and waste energy. These sources account for 32 percent of its total energy supply. It's the second-largest producer of ethanol fuel and is an industry leader, with sugarcane-based ethanol being touted as the most successful alternative fuel to date.

So, those three countries are the good guys. Who are the laggards?

With 98 percent reliance on fossil fuels, Singapore comes out as the worst in the world. The country uses the highest proportion of oil in the world relative to total energy supply, with fossil fuels making up 73 percent of its energy supply.

Singapore is closely followed by Australia, with 93 percent reliance, and then South Africa with 91 percent. Luxembourg and the Netherlands take fourth and fifth spot in the 'baddies list' with a joint 90 percent fossil fuel dependence.


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