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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023 People's Choice

Updated: Feb 7

The Natural History Museum in London has selected 25 images from the 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest to compete for the People's Choice Award.

The international judging panel singled out these photographs from the nearly 50,000 images submitted to this year's competition. “‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’s People’s Choice Award always offers an astounding selection of images, and this year is no different,” shares Natural History Museum director, Dr. Douglas Gurr. “We invite the public to join the jury and vote for their favourite!”

You can vote online or in person at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in London until 31 January. Below you can view a handful of OGN's favourites in the running for the People's Choice Award, but you can view all the 25 images here.

Polar bear sleeping on ice
Ice Bed by Nima Sarikhani

A polar bear carves out a bed from a small iceberg before drifting off to sleep in the far north, off Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.


Fox eyeing a mouse
Tough Negotiation by Ayala Fishaimer

Standing on a rock in the Judean Foothills of Israel, a red fox cub locks eyes with the shrew it had thrown up in the air moments earlier.


Starling murmuration
Starling Murmuration by Daniel Dencescu

In a bid to locate the best roosting sites at which to capture the spectacle, Daniel spent hours following the starlings around the city and suburbs of Rome. Finally, on this cloudless winter’s day, the flock didn’t disappoint, swirling into the shape of a giant bird.


Mountain hare in the snow
Snowshoes by Deena Sveinsson

A snowshoe hare pulls its feet to its head to make the next big hop across the soft, deep snow in the forests of the Rocky Mountain National Park, USA.


Brown bear standing in a river
Looking At Me, Looking At You by John E. Marriott

A grizzly bear rises up on its hind legs and glances towards the photographer before returning to fish for salmon in the Chilko River in British Columbia, Canada.


Family of Grassland Geladas
The Grassland Geladas by Marco Gaiotti

A gelada suckles its baby alongside a companion at the edge of a plateau in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.


An Adélie penguin
Troublemaker by Stefan Christmann

An Adélie penguin approaches an emperor penguin and its chick during feeding time in Antarctica’s Atka Bay.


Two lionesses and a cub
Shared Parenting by Mark Boyd

A pair of lionesses devotedly groom one of the pride’s five cubs in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.


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