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Win a Happiness Masterclass Retreat in Finland

Visit Finland are offering 10 lucky people an all-expenses-paid retreat to attend a Masterclass on Happiness. Having been named the world’s happiest country by the UN's World Happiness Report for five consecutive years, Finland wants to share its secret to happiness with the world. That could include you!

Aurora borealis shimmering over a lake in Finland
Credit: Visit Finland

Countries are always looking for ways to promote their unique culture to attract tourists, so what better way than by extolling Finland's happiness virtues?

The Masterclass of Happiness will be held from 12-15 June 2023 at the luxury Kuru Private Resort in Finland. The ten lucky chosen participants from around the world will arrive in Finland on 11 June and depart on 16 June and learn from expert coaches who will guide them towards a balanced way of life that promotes happiness the Finnish way. The Masterclass will cover four key themes: nature and lifestyle, health and balance, design and everyday, and food and well-being.

The coaches are all leading experts in their various fields and will help the participants find inner balance and connect with nature and themselves.

Applications are open until 2 April. Applicants can apply individually or with one other person by visiting

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