World's Fastest Shoes

Robotics engineers have invented what they claim to be the “world’s fastest shoes,” capable of boosting a wearer’s walking speed by at least double. Essentially, you can go at jogging speeds even if you're just walking.

Special shoes designed to help you walk twice as fast
Credit: Moonwalkers

Shift Robotics, a spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University in the US, developed the strap-on Moonwalkers footwear in an effort to revolutionise the way people walk - and so that you can get to the shops in 5 minutes rather than 10.

The shoes use a 300-watt electric motor connected to eight rollerblade wheels, which delivers a top speed of 11kph (7mph) and a range of 10km. You just strap them to your shoes and, hey presto, off you go in double quick time. Artificial intelligence also assists with the drivetrain to adapt to different walking gaits and make walking feel natural, claim Moonwalkers’ creators.

Shift Robotics founder Xunjie Zhang said the Moonwalkers packed “everything that you find in a Tesla” into a pair of shoes.

The shoes are also designed to be easy to wear and operate, with intuitive commands inbuilt in order to turn off the motor in order to climb stairs or walk normally.

“There’s no need to balance, just walk faster to accelerate, and walk slower to decelerate,” said Mr Zhang.

“We believe in a future where everything can be within walking distance. Our first step is to help people walk effortlessly at a run speed.”



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