World's Largest Supercharger Station

Tesla continues to expand its supercharger network and it just reached another milestone by opening the world’s largest supercharger station. It's located between the Bay Area and Los Angeles - two of Tesla’s biggest markets.

Tesla’s fleet is growing at a fast pace and the automaker is adding more electric vehicles on the road than any other automaker. At the same time, the company is trying to keep up its infrastructure, like service centres, mobile service fleet, and charging infrastructure in order to support its growing customer base, reports electrek.

Tesla’s charging infrastructure mainly consists of the supercharger network, arguably one of the company’s greatest assets. Now we learn that Tesla has just opened a new station that's the largest supercharger station in the world, with 56 units. Petrol stations generally have as many as 18 pumps, so EV charger stations are substantially larger.

Tesla has a few supercharger stations with 50 stalls in China, but 56 is a new record.

At 56 superchargers, this new station will be six times bigger than Tesla’s average Supercharger station, and undoubtedly represents the size of stations in the future.

There are also a convenience store and a restaurant at the location that Tesla owners can utilise while they're charging their cars. Tesla has also built solar canopies to provide shade for the vehicles whilst also helping power the supercharger station.

Maybe these stations are going to become like cinemas, where the revenues are not in the movies, but in the pop corn and other ancilliary sales...

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