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Glass half empty or half full? In today's world, it's often alarmingly easy to take the 'half empty' view, but at OGN Daily we like to take an optimistic approach to life. Just like the two guys who jumped off a mountain in wing suits and had to time everything to perfection to glide into the safety of an open airplane door. That, of course, is an extreme example. 


Most of the world's mainstream media - TV, radio and print - seems to delight in focusing on the doom and gloom. OGN Daily prefers to filter this out and examine the upside, taking the optimistic approach. It provides our readers with balance - a wider perspective - to nourish mind, body and soul. Take our article (The End of King Coal) about Europe weaning itself off coal faster than expected, or a new laboratory-made palm oil that's a Possible Rainforest Saviour, or Giorgio Armani Abandoning Fast Fashion, or an interview with former Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney,

who says The Economy Must Yield to Human Values.

Further afield, OGN looked at the 5 big projects that will help Toronto Go Greener, the ambitious plans to Plant 10 billion Trees in Pakistan, and had an in-depth look at the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan (pictured below) and it's famous Gross National Happiness index as its measure of prosperity.















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If you enjoy OGN's daily dose of positive news and its optimistic outlook, please tell your friends and spread the good news!

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