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Act of Kindness: Coldplay's Chris Martin Helps Disabled Fan

In an inspiring act of kindness, Chris Martin - lead singer of one of the world's most popular bands - made a memorable impact on one fan's life before a gig in England last week.

Chris Martin with fan Saundra Glenn
Credit: Saundra Glenn / Facebook

Saundra Glenn, 64, who suffers from osteoarthritis and mobility issues, was nearly forced to abandon going to the event after struggling to walk to the accessibility box office. As she rested against a fence, contemplating whether to go home, a black Mercedes pulled up next to her. To her utter surprise, the back door slid open to reveal Chris Martin himself sitting in the backseat.

Recalling the moment, Saundra said, "I looked at him and said (to the woman in the passenger seat), 'I can't get in, that's Chris Martin'." But Chris, ever the gentleman, encouraged her to hop in, saying, "Yes you can, just come on in."

With Chris Martin's assistance, Saundra was safely escorted into the festival. She seized the opportunity to capture the magical moment with a quick selfie, which she later shared on social media.

"That moment when Chris Martin @Coldplay saw me struggling to walk, had his car stop and gave me a lift. Blooming amazing. Can't believe this happened," she wrote in her post.

"He's shown that kindness rules the world," she told the Daily Mail.


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