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Anyplace: For The Work-From-Anywhere Crowd

In good news for digital nomads, Anyplace is positioning itself as the Airbnb for the work-from-anywhere crowd.

An Anyplace apartment for short-term rent
Credit: Anyplace

If the company has long-term success, it may replace the constantly-struggling shared-workspace WeWork model… showing that paying for a space you can live and work in may make more sense for more people.

Anyplace allows remote workers to book furnished apartments that are kitted out with “fully equipped” offices and high-speed internet. As the company's website says: 'Live anyplace, work anywhere'.

The apartments aren’t located in obscure locations but in the heart of industry centers like NYC, San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. Anyplace manages over 100 units in each of those cities, with a claimed occupancy rate of over 80 percent. That means they’re marketed more towards the tech and knowledge workers who bounce between cities who want a place that's both comfortable and functional.

Armed with a fresh $8+ million in funding - the new round “nearly doubled” its valuation - Anyplace hopes to expand to cities that became tech-migration meccas during Covid, including Miami and Austin.

Although return-to-office mandates are picking up, CEO Steve Saturo Naito says there’ll always be plenty of digital nomads to fill units. “We’re creating a new category of work-friendly accommodations,” Naito told TechCrunch.


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