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Attenborough's Prehistoric Planet

Sir David Attenborough to explore the lives of dinosaurs in an epic new series.

Sir David Attenborough is returning to our screens with his wildlife tales, and this time he’s heading way back in time. In a new series for Apple TV+, Sir David will explore the lives of dinosaurs that roamed our planet more than 66 million years ago.

The legendary broadcaster and naturalist is the voice of Prehistoric Planet, which will use state-of-the-art technology and scientific research to transport viewers to the ancient world. In the first-look trailer, Sir David, 95, says: ‘Join us for a story you have never heard, on a scale you have never witnessed.’

Set against the backdrop of the Cretaceous period, viewers will witness ancient coasts, deserts, fresh water, ice worlds and forests. And, of course, lots of amazing CGI footage and tales of dinosaurs.

Prehistoric Planet will air nightly on Apple TV+ from May 23 to 27. See Apple's 2 minute Teaser Trailer below...


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