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Beauty of Earth from Orbit

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Expedition 65 began in April aboard the International Space Station and the crew have snapped some amazing photographs of our lovely planet as they orbit the Earth at about 17,150 miles per hour - making a trip around the world about every 90 minutes.

Sunrise above Siberia:

A view of Utah's Great Salt Lake, with a long railroad causeway separating the lake's northern arm and southern arm:

The moon is seen above the horizon over the Pacific Ocean:

Image of Chad's Aorounga Crater, an eroded meteorite impact crater in the Sahara Desert:

The early-morning hues of an orbital sunrise are seen from the International Space Station as it soars 264 miles above the China-Russia border, near the the Sea of Japan:

Looking down on Lake Nasser, the reservoir in southern Egypt that was formed by the Aswan High Dam when it was built across the Nile River.

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