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Last Week's Three Most Popular Good News Articles

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Just in case you missed them...

Whale Nearly Swallows Fisherman: Man was diving for lobster off the coast of Massachusetts when 'everything went dark'. More

Without Twitter, What's Trump Been Saying?Banned from Twitter since early January, Trump has communicated his post-presidency musings in written statements that are emailed to journalists and posted on his website. These missives, many of which were initially featured on his blog (which was shutdown a fortnight ago), have replaced his tweets as the most comprehensive public record of his day-to-day thinking. More

Man's Sunrise Bench Brings Joy: About 7 years ago, Al Nixon, 58, needed to clear his mind because of troubles at work. He started watching the sunrise at the waterfront in Vinoy Park, Florida. More


Today's OGN Sunday Magazine articles:

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