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British Royal Family: Get to Know Them Better

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The OGN Platinum Jubilee Magazine: What better way to get to know the royals than through their own words?

British Royal Family on Buckingham Palace balcony
Wikimedia Commons

Queen Elizabeth II: It's her Platinum Jubilee weekend, so let's celebrate England's longest serving monarch with a dozen of her reflective and insightful comments.

Prince Philip's Best Quotes: The Duke of Edinburgh was famously forthright, funny and always known for speaking his mind.

Some of his quotes are priceless.

Quotes by the Future King of England: Prince Charles needs little introduction. But you really get a true sense of the man if you listen to what he says...

Princess Anne: Famously feisty and probably the Royal Family's wildest card. Here's some of her utterances to let you understand a bit more about her personality.

We haven't included Prince Andrew (you'll never guess why) or Prince Edward (because he's now a long way down the pecking order and, anyway, has rarely had anything interesting to say). Be that as it may, here are a couple more stories you may be interested in...

Prince Charles' Car Powered by Wine and Cheese: It all started when, for his 21st birthday, Charles was given a blue 1970 Aston Martin DB6 Volante convertible as a present from his mum, otherwise known as the Queen.

Weird and Wonderful Things the Queen Owns: As Britain celebrates the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this weekend, let's take a look at what the country's longest reigning monarch actually owns - as much of her fortune is actually beyond her grasp.

Going Green Unites British Royal Family: For decades, the Prince of Wales has been an eco champion – finally, the rest of the Firm is following suit.

Queen's Malta Villa Renaissance: Dilapidated former home of Queen and Prince Philip in Malta to undergo multi-million pound restoration. The 18th century villa, where the couple lived between 1949 and 1951, will become a museum.

Let's not Forget that Queen Victoria Welcomed the Telephone: In January 1878, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his newly invented device - the telephone - to none other than Queen Victoria (Elizabeth's great-great-grandmother).


Star of the Show: Prince Louis, just 4 years old, was the centre of attention as he was seen waving, pulling faces and chatting to his great grandmother, the Queen, from the balcony of Buckingham Palace as 70 aircraft flew over The Mall on Thursday morning.


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