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Burger King Makes Plant-Based Their New Normal

Burger King Austria’s new campaign is boldly challenging the public’s expectation of what 'normal' should be. In a climate-conscious world, making plant-based the default standard for burgers is significant progress even if, for now, Burger King is only doing this as an experiment in a mountainous corner of Europe.

Burger King restaurant exterior
Credit: Unsplash

The brand’s experiment is simple and straightforward. When customers order a burger, cashiers ask, “normal oder mit fleisch?” Which translates to “normal or with meat”. The phrasing of the question ensures that customers clearly voice their preferences, while also carefully nudging them to think about their choice.

The dinner trial was hosted at a restaurant in Vienna, and the goal was to make people think about whether consuming meat should be “routine.” The company says that the meat-free standard campaign was a great success and has sparked vigorous debate online about whether eating meat every day is really necessary.

In many modern cultures, eating meat is considered the “norm.” However, this was not always the case in human societies, and with all the climate issues associated with meat eating, more and more people are adopting or considering plant-based lifestyles.

Industrial beef and other livestock production generates massive quantities of greenhouse gas emissions while also using up precious natural resources such as land and water. Those who are concerned with reducing their environmental footprint know that they can do so in a meaningful way by following plant-based diets, which is why so many are choosing to change their food practices.

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