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Canadians Excel at Obedience

Check out Josh Freed's amusing, heart warming piece in this week's Ottawa Citizen.

I’m proud to be a COVID Canadian. In Toronto last weekend, a convenience store was accidentally left unlocked overnight and shoppers wandered in, eagerly looking for provisions.

When they realized there were no cashiers, what did they do? Ransack the place? Steal all the toilet paper?

No. Some left notes on the counter about the items they’d taken, promising to pay the next day. Others politely called the cops to come lock the doors.

If this had happened in much of the U.S., shoppers would probably have looted the place. Even in famously law-abiding England during the 2011 riots, crowds queued up outside smashed shop windows, politely waiting their turn to loot. But here in Canada we call the cops to stop ourselves from looting.

Yes, even during this terrible crisis filled with wacky hoarding, we are an orderly, law-abiding nation whose civility has shone brightly.

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