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Cleopatra's Tomb May Have Been Found

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Archaeologist believes she may have finally found Egyptian queen's tomb in what would be the 'most important discovery of the 21st century'.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra in 1963 film

Ever since her tragic death in 30BC, the location of Queen Cleopatra's remains has beguiled archaeologists. Now, one expert leading a dig in Egypt believes that she may have finally found her tomb - having uncovered a mysterious, 4,600ft-long tunnel.

The tunnel, which Egyptian authorities have described as a "geometric miracle", is beneath the Taposiris Magna Temple - the Great Tomb of Osiris - which is close to the ancient city of Alexandria. The tunnel - spanning the length of more than 12 football pitches and carved into rock approximately 13 metres below the ground.

The excavation has also uncovered “important artefacts” including coins bearing the images and names of Cleopatra and Alexander the Great.

Kathleen Martinez, a Dominican self-taught archaeologist from the University of San Domingo, said that if her theory about the burial site is true, then it would be the "most important discovery of the 21st century".

The Egyptian authorities clearly think she may be on to something as they have extended the archaeologist's permit to continue digging in the area. So, we will have to wait and see...



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