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Clocks Went Back 2 Years Last Night

In Europe, we know that Autumn is well and truly upon us when it's time for the biannual changing of the clocks...

In normal circumstances, the clocks would have gone back one hour last night to mark the changing of the seasons. However, this year is somewhat different to previous years as the clocks went back a record 24 months to the year 2019.

“Due to Daylight Saving Time, we normally put our clocks back 60 minutes on the last Sunday in October, but due to the worldwide Covid pandemic we have decided instead to reclaim the last two years,” explained Director of Clocks Going Back, the aptly named Horatius Windup.

“Hopefully this will give everyone back the time they’ve lost and there’s absolutely no need to thank us. You’re welcome”.

The move means 31 October 2021 becomes 31 October 2019. Understandly, this surprise move is likely to cause mixed emotions around the world. Particularly amongst Democrats and Brexiteers.

The Tokyo Olympics and Euro Football championships could be relaunched again in June, depending on if the clocks don’t go forward again by two years in the Spring.

“Look, we’ll see how this goes for the time being,” says Horatius Windup. "If the next year is worse than the previous two then we might just skip forward to 2023 in March - leave it with me”.


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