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Comedy Podcasts

Podcasts are booming. Here's 5 recommendations that will make you laugh or, at the very least, take your day in a deliciously diverting direction.

Dear Joan and Jericha: Joan and Jericha are agony aunts and purveyors of one of the world’s funniest and filthiest podcast. Nothing is off limits, from Joan’s weekly smear tests by soft-voiced confidante Mahmood to the sound advice that geriatric mothers risk having wrinkly babies. Sex advice and wobbly boobs abound from a duo equally versed in psycho-genital counselling and sports journalism.

A Very Fatal Murder: This “true-crime” podcast lampoons the murder mystery genre brilliantly. As per usual, the police missed a lot of clues so it’s up to the detective to investigate when a teenage girl is murdered in the town of Bluff Springs, accompanied by a big dose of absurdity.

Alan Partridge: North Norfolk’s fictional premier broadcaster slips a lot of funny one-liners in From the Oasthouse, his latest offering. Steve Coogan’s Partridge shows the world 'the real, raw, be-cardiganed me'.

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Filth meets fits of laughter as three friends bring the niche porn of hot pots and pans saleswoman Belinda to the masses. The trio's dissection of distinctly unerotic dad-penned fiction spawned a world tour and an HBO special.

Mega: A fictional US megachurch lends itself very well to improvised satire in this masterclass of weirdness. With a teen ministry called Climax, a Hamilton-influenced festive episode with a new take on We Three Kings, and some skillful guest stars, it’s deliciously disturbing.

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