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Copenhagen's Parkipelago

The world's cleanest city comes up with another lovely idea.

Demark's capital city is world famous for its hedonistic sustainability and its title as the world's cleanest city. On top of that, it's frequently heralded as one of the happiest countries on Earth (along with its Scandinavian neighbours) and now, Danes will have another reason to be happy as Copenhagen is expecting the completion of an exciting new project in which a series of small artificial floating islands are being built and installed within the capital's harbour in order to form a “parkipelago.”

Dubbed the Copenhagen Islands, the idea is to replace some of the open space lost to growing urbanization by creating floating parks that encourage a variety of activities from picnics to kayaking. Each island is essentially a module built using traditional boat-making techniques in which thin strips of wood are laid across a frame made of steel and recycled boating material.

According to Danish design firm Studio Fokstrot, each module is approximately 215 square feet and features a single linden tree. To get to the islands, people can swim, kayak, SUP, or take a boat.

What makes the islands especially unique is that they were designed to welcome new marine life, with the submerged portion of the islands set to host seaweed. The bottom of the islands will also be perfect for small marine life such as mollusks to anchor onto, which will hopefully attract other animals to congregate near each module. Meanwhile, the tops of the islands will be covered in grass and sprinkled with native trees.

The expectation is that Copenhagen Islands will be finished in time for summer.



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