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Credits for Giving Up Polluting Cars

Motorists in the UK will be paid up to £3,000 to give up their cars under new plans designed to improve air quality in built-up areas, and to change travel habits.

For the first time, drivers of the most polluting cars will receive public money to surrender their vehicle in favour of 'credits' that can be spent on public transport, bicycles, electric scooters, car clubs and taxis.

The scheme is designed to reduce car dependency in cities, leading to less congestion and lower air pollution. A trial programme will be launched in Coventry this spring, aimed specifically at drivers of the most polluting vehicles. The scheme will last for two years and be analysed to test the amount of money needed to achieve a long-term change in travel habits, reports The Times.

A similar programme could take place in the south of England. Hampshire county council is considering a 'mobility credit scheme' for residents who agree to no longer own a car.

Car use is reportedly the biggest contributor to the UK's carbon emissions, so all programmes for reducing car use, and ownership, should be welcomed.

The Coventry scheme is being paid for as part of a £22m 'future transport' initiative funded by the government.


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