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Daily Good News

Only Good News Daily is an exceptional resource for daily good news.

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OGN's team of dedicated editors based in the UK, France, America and Canada collate all the best good news stories from around the world, edit and curate them, and then publish the top stories to provide our thousands of readers with their daily good news.

The daily good news comprises three parts: a collection of concise good news nuggets, a couple of good news articles, and a daily mood boosting video. On Sundays the format is a little different, taking the form of a magazine, featuring six inspiring, positive news articles and a couple of uplifting videos to brighten the day.

OGN Daily has no political agenda and no pay master. The team is entirely independent and focused on one simple objective: to publish daily good news. And only good news - anything and everything we believe will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

The daily good news covers an unlimited range of subjects, but we are particularly keen on positive environmental stories, nature, wildlife, medical and scientific breakthroughs, wellbeing, culture and amusing anecdotes.

If you would like to receive daily good news via email in your inbox every morning, it only takes 5 seconds to sign up. Or, if you prefer, just visit our website whenever you feel like it to get your uplifting dose of daily good news.

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