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OGN Wednesday

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Mid week collection of good news snippets.

  • The Great Escape: A gentoo penguin escaped a pod of chasing killer whales by leaping into a dinghy full of tourists after flinging itself headfirst into the boat, much to the delight of the stunned passengers in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica.

  • L'Oreal aims to derive nearly all its ingredients from renewable plant sources and abundant minerals by 2030, as demand for organic and environmentally-friendly cosmetics grows. The world's leading beauty groups face increasingly savvy consumers who want creams and make-up made from natural components as well as products that can be recycled.

  • Bottled fresh air: Once upon a time we started buying water in bottles. Eau no, cried the 'what's wrong with water out of a tap' brigade. Now, if you're so inclined, you can spend £60 on bottled air. But isn't it just an empty bottle?

  • China consumes 28% of the world’s meat, but in good news for the planet, plant-based meat substitutes are slowing carving out a place for themselves among a new generation of consumers, as concerns over carbon emissions and food crises are fuelling a move away from meat consumption as a symbol of wealth.

  • Underwater museum on French Riviera: New underwater sculpture museum just off Cannes is also designed to be good for the marine environment.

  • Mexico City has launched the first of several cable-car lines serving the poorer outskirts of the city of 9 million. Cable cars are seen as a cheaper, quicker way to bring public transport to poor communities located high up hillsides. Since they’re airborne, the cable-cars avoid the city's notoriously chaotic and congested road network.

  • Balloon art: Japanese man creates amazing, dexterous artworks - and makes a living out of it.

  • Paying it forward: A restaurant in Louisiana has a wall with pre-paid tickets for people who are hungry but can't afford food. They just grab a ticket for a meal that they would like which a previous customer has already paid for.

  • A lump of a rare meteorite that recently lit up the night sky over the UK and northern Europe has been recovered from a driveway in Gloucestershire. The fragment, weighing nearly 300 grams, was located after scientists reconstructed the flight path of the fireball that unleashed a sonic boom as it tore across the sky shortly before 10pm UK time on Sunday 28 February. The black chunk of rock, a carbonaceous chondrite, has never been seen before in the UK.

  • Africa and Wikipedia: Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website on Earth with around 6 billion visitors every month and is recognised as the world's largest single repository of human knowledge. When the city of Paris has more information contained in Wikipedia than the entire African continent, there is a significant risk of young Africans perceiving home as a “single story.” Efforts are now being made to address this.

  • Albatross faceplants to fame on New Zealand livestream. Miscalculated landing ends in undignified scrambling to get back on its feet in front of chick - and cameras.

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