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Friday's Good News Nuggets

Concluding the week with a collection of positive news nuggets.

  • Colouring-in books have become even more popular during the last 18 months, amongst both adults and children. The New York Academy of Medicine Library has been hosting an annual #ColorOurCollections project since 2016, with global museums, libraries, archives, and academic institutions participating in the creation of completely free, downloadable coloring pages inspired by their collections. The fantastic range of coloring books from 2021 and the five years prior remain accessible year-round for free download.

  • Looking to improve your life but don't have much time? Listen to this Just One Thing podcast about the benefits of connecting with nature. Max Mosley talks about how spending time surrounded by trees and listening to the sounds of the forest can discourage introspection, boost your immune system and reduce your risk of chronic disease and, to top it off, it's "surprisingly soothing".

  • Poland generates most of its electricity from coal, but under rising pressure from the EU and with carbon emission costs surging, it is encouraging more investment in low emission sources. Poland now plans to close Europe's most polluting power plant by the end of 2036 as part of its transition to a climate-neutral economy.

  • This year’s London Design Biennale seeks to highlight the role that design can play in building a more resilient and inclusive future in a world impacted by climate change and inequality. It runs until 27 June.

  • Last week, Albertson’s - a major supermarket chain - made the first ever zero-emissions food delivery in the US. as part of a series of tests performed by the grocery chain which partnered with Volvo to trial the carmaker’s electric trucks in Southern California. These are big trucks - weighing over 16 tons - and have a range of 150 miles; returning to the distribution for re-charging after making deliveries to stores. It's good progress.

  • Crocs have become fashionable again. So, in good news for those that fancy having a stiletto added to their Crocs, the new Balenciaga and Crocs collaboration will be a welcome idea. It's been such a strange year already, but maybe this bizarre footwear will attract admirers...

  • Equally strangely, El Salvador has just become the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.

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