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Today's Good News

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Wrapping up the week with a collection of positive news nuggets.

  • As a result of the efforts of Liz Chicaje Churay, the Peruvian government created Yaguas National Park. Comparable in size to Yellowstone National Park, the new park protects more than two million acres of Amazon rainforest in the northeastern region of Loreto. Its creation is a key step in conserving the country’s biodiversity - safeguarding thousands of rare and unique wildlife species and conserving carbon-rich peatlands - and protecting Indigenous peoples.

  • The first megawatts of electricity flowed between Norway and the U.K. on Wednesday along a 450-mile long cable - the longest submarine power line in the world. Once fully operational Britain is expected to import supplies of low carbon power on a regular basis. In return, Britain will be able to send Norway its excess wind-generated power.

  • Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's disgruntled former aide, is continuing his sledging match against the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary. Perhaps he should be put back in his box by being told that his name has now entered the golfing lexicon. A Dominic Cummings: a long drive that goes out of bounds.

  • Scientists at Washington School of Dentistry have invented a breath mint that also builds enamel and whitens your teeth. Clinical trials commence shortly.

  • There are houses in Nigeria being built with a lattice-work of discarded plastic bottles filled with sand, offering lower prices and greener construction methods to rural villages. Along with being able to withstand both earthquakes and bullets, the raw materials are essentially free, and their harvesting provides a much needed relief from piled-up rubbish along roadsides. Called bottle-brick technology, they are 18-times stronger than regular bricks.

  • Teams of researchers from Michigan and Colorado universities, partnering with the National Park Service, investigated how natural sounds impact human health. They found that just listening to sounds found in natural landscapes has the power to decrease stress and pain, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood. Good to know!

  • It's official: Tesla's Model S Plaid has just become the fastest production car in the world. The electic vehicle covered the quarter mile in just 9.2 seconds, speeding up to 152 mph. It’s faster than any Ferrari; faster than any $3.5 million Bugatti. And costs 'just' $130,000.

  • The seabed off England's Sussex coast is set to become a large marine park and a haven for sealife. The first-of-its-kind project will aim to help regenerate vital habitats, fight climate change and boost the economy. The area was once home to a vast kelp forest, stretching across 172 square kilometres, but 90 percent of it has been lost in recent decades. It's time to restore it to its former glory.

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