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Did You See NEOWISE?

If you did or you didn't, you will enjoying viewing how the long-tailed comet (combined with sunrise) looked from the International Space Station.

If you missed comet NEOWISE as it crossed our sky last month, worry not: NASA astronaut Bob Behnken took hundreds of photos of the epic event from the very best view possible, the International Space Station. Graphic artist Seán Doran then did us all a favour by downloading each image from the NASA archive and creating an amazing time-lapse video.

The 7 minute 4K production is, to put it simply, extraordinary. As the ISS moves about 5 miles per second, the Earth rotates towards sunrise - an epic sight in its own right. About halfway through the video, the sun makes an appearance in conjunction with the comet rising until daylight takes over the screen. Have you ever seen anything cooler?  

Sadly. we'll have to wait about 6,800 for it to return near our planet.

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