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Dot Joins the Wedding Bash

This is a lovely community story from the Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court care home in Essex, England.

Last weekend, 91-year-old resident Dot Bash and fellow residents dressed up to enjoy the wedding of Dot's granddaughter, which was live streamed to the home from a nearby church.

Dot, her friends in the care home and the staff, were determined not to miss the wedding because of restrictions (enforced by 'you know what') and Dot was delighted to see her granddaughter, Kathryn, walk down the aisle at All Saints church, Stisted.

Kathryn and her new husband, Tom, also cut their wedding cake outside the home, while Dot and fellow residents watched them through the window.

Residents and staff all dressed up in their best wedding attire for the midday service, just as they would if they were there in person. There were fresh flower decorations and a tea party was held after the service. The bride’s father even delivered a case of wine for everyone to enjoy and everyone was invited to drink a toast to the happy couple.


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