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Extreme E Racing

Lewis Hamilton joins the electric movement with his own Extreme E team. This extreme racing format - in electric powered vehicles - is great news for motorsports fans.

Formula E revolutionized motorsport because it indirectly forced manufacturers to rethink their strategies and take electric racing seriously. The all-electric single-seater championship gained momentum and grew exponentially across six seasons and around a year ago Alejandro Agag, the man behind Formula E, publicly announced a new spin-off championship called Extreme E.

The simple yet genius idea is to use electric Dakar-style off-roaders to race in remote locations across the globe to raise awareness about climate change.

Currently there are 8 teams signed up, including Hamilton's. Each team must have one male and one female driver. The provisional schedule consists of five races with the inaugural 'Ocean' race set to take place in Lac Rose, Senegal on 22 - 24 January 2021 . Each race represents a territory or region threatened by climate change and after the Ocean race, the following four races will take place in Al- 'Ula, Saudi Arabia (Desert) in March; Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal (Glacier) in May; on Russell Glacier in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (Arctic) in August and in Pará, Brazil (Amazon Rainforest) in October.

For a sneak preview what an Extreme E race might look like, see the 45 second trailer below.

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