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Funny US National Parks Tweets

On the (almost certainly correct) assumption that humour engages your audience better than dry statements, the team at National Parks are definitely upping their game.

Earlier this year, OGN ran an article about how wildlife departments in Washington and Oklahoma were leading the way as government officials began to find a new voice on social media. OGN's favourite being: “If you encounter a cougar, never approach or offer it food. You are not a Disney princess.”

Now the National Parks Service is getting in on the act as these amusing tweets clearly demonstrate.

Herd of bison on a highway

National Park Service @NatlParkService

If you find yourself sharing the road with a bison, or another visitor, be patient for them to make their way and only maneuver around them when safe for all. Also, bison are notorious for selling extended warranties and rarely use a turn signal. Proceed with caution.


Brown bear snoozing

National Park Service @NatlParkService

Having friends is cool, but have you ever cut everyone off and disappeared for six months?

Bear: Yes. Yes I have.


Aerial view of a whale

National Park Service @NatlParkService

Whale, whale, whale. What do we have here?


Two US National Park officers

National Park Service @NatlParkService


Young owl chick looking grumpy

National Park Service @NatlParkService

Woke up early. There was no worm.


Grand Teton mountains

National Park Service @NatlParkService

Mountains…like flat land, but at an angle.



Turkey looking through a glass door

National Park Service @NatlParkService

Your chances of being hunted by a turkey are low, but never zero.

This Peeping “Tom” was spotted outside Jewel Cave.⁣ It was too late in the day for a tour. The ranger explained the park was closing. After some ruffled feathers and some ‘fowl’ language, the turkey left without further incident. ⁣

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