Garden Centres to Re-Open Soon

Plans are in place for reopening garden centres and boosting the nation's favourite pastime.

Garden centres across the UK were all shut down a week before Easter, but it now looks possible that they will be able to unlock their doors again around May 11. That date falls within the Government’s "green light" first phase of non-essential retail openings and, let's face it, the opportunity to buy plants is an easy way the Government can help improve people’s mental and physical health when they are having to spend most of the time stuck at home.

Extensive lobbying and much positive publicity in the media appears to have pushed garden retail to the front of the queue. 

A new YouGov poll shows 70 per cent of people surveyed are comfortable about garden centres reopening – far more than for clothes stores, hairdressers or restaurants. This is partly because garden centres have big open air spaces where customers can easily carry out social distancing.

Green fingers crossed!

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