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Gay Penguins Become Dads

Not once, but twice!

Back in 2018, the staff at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Australia, noticed a same-sex penguin couple - Sphen and Magic. The two male penguins used to take swims together and were rarely apart.⁠

Soon after the breeding season started, the caring couple began collecting stones for their nest. Then the staff noticed they were trying to hatch a rock. Impressed how well Sphen and Magic cared for their “egg”, the zookeepers placed a real egg for them to foster.⁠

Everyone at the Aquarium was happy when the proud dads gave life to their first chick - Lara. This year, Sphen and Magic became foster parents again. They have successfully nurtured an egg for the second time. ⁠

“The parent birds treat the chick as their own. They lovingly feed it, keep it warm, and defend it from any passersby,” the zookeepers said.⁠

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