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GCHQ Puzzle Turns Blue

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

The spy agency apologises for any offence inadvertently caused by a quiz question and deleted it the moment it became aware of the, um, problem.

GCHQ quiz question

When the boffins at Britain’s intelligence agency GCHQ set this week's mind-bending online puzzle for their employees, they anticipated it would have participants wracking their brains trying to solve it. And it did.

What they didn't expect was that it would also result in fits of giggles once they had worked out the answer. Indeed, the red faces of those responsible for the embarrassing blue question forced GCHQ to delete the original post and apologise.

What was the question? Well, as you might expect, it was to crack a code, contained within the sequence: “C, U, T, S, I, U, N”. Suitably obscure and requiring a boffin-sized brain to decipher, the code turned out to be the fourth letter from each planet in the Earth’s solar system:  Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Neptune. Work out for yourselves what word that creates, but please don’t complain to OGN Daily.

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