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Geometric Beauty of Singapore’s Social Housing Tables

Almost 80 percent of Singapore residents live in public housing, which has instilled an expectation of quality shared spaces.

Singapore is the third most densely populated country in the world, with nearly six million people are packed onto an island about half the size of London, yet it's famous for its apparently seamless functionality - social trust is high, corruption is low, and crime and violence are rare.

Despite living in social housing all his life, Singapore-based photography hobbyist Jonathan Tan never took much notice of the geometric wonders in front of him. Then, for a recent project, he used an iPhone and a selfie stick to capture the old, tiled concrete stools and tables found throughout Singapore’s housing estates.

“Singaporeans are so used to these sights and we start taking them for granted, but it’s nice to see people appreciating everyday spots again,” he says. “Singaporeans have a broader concept of what constitutes home. Beyond the four walls of our apartment, home is the neighbourhood, which includes our parks, exercise corners and communal spaces.”


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