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Good News About Coffee

There are plenty of positive health benefits from drinking coffee.

Those of a certain age will recall that coffee has a history of being denigrated. Indeed, in 1991 coffee was included in a list of possible carcinogens by the World Health Organization. How times have changed!

A new study from the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh, just published in BMC Public Health, found that drinking any type of coffee led to a reduced risk of developing and dying from chronic liver disease, with the benefit peaking at three to four cups per day, reports GNN.

Compared to non-coffee drinkers, coffee drinkers had a 21 percent reduced risk of chronic liver disease, a 20 percent reduced risk of chronic or fatty liver disease, and a 49 percent reduced risk of death from chronic liver disease. The maximum benefit was seen in the group who drank ground coffee, which contains high levels of the ingredients kahweol and cafestol.

Another report from Harvard, on the health benefits of coffee, says “there is consistent evidence from epidemiologic studies that higher consumption of caffeine is associated with lower risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease."

Furthermore, the report - analysing data from more than 330,000 participants - found there to be a reduction in risk of developing depression; once again the higher the number of cups consumed the lower the risk.

Harvard also reported evidence that coffee can help prevent type-2 diabetes, some cancers, Alzheimer’s, and even gallstones.

Coffee is not just good for human health. What happens when you dump 30 trucks full of coffee waste on land set aside for reforestation? Well, the forest recovers a heck of a lot faster, according to a study based in Costa Rica. For more, see OGN article from April, Coffee Supercharges Trees.


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