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Good News Articles

Here's a round up of last week's positive news stories, just in case you want to catch up.

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World’s Largest Underwater Museum: What was once a seaside resort 2,000 years ago for wealthy Romans is now the world’s largest underwater museum - with 15,000 visitors each year.

Watch Marks Queen's Platinum Jubilee: The colour-changing timepiece by Swatch displays Her Majesty’s love of fashion.

Busting a Vitamin D Myth: We can get enough vitamin D from sunshine and the correct diet, right? Wrong!

Out of Africa? Maybe Not: Six-million-year-old pre-human footprints, the oldest evidence of pre-human activity ever discovered, have been found on the Mediterranean island of Crete.

Summary of Global EV Sales: The electric vehicle (EV) market is soaring, with 130,000 cars sold globally each week.

Diet Switch Adds Decade to Life: Norwegian researchers claim to have the answer to boost life expectancy. But it does involve mid-lifers removing some old favourites.

52 World Records in 52 Weeks: Ever contemplated the idea of trying to set a world record for most kiwifruits sliced over the duration of one minute, with a samurai sword, while standing on an exercise ball? This is just one of the crazy records achieved by a man from Idaho.


Today's OGN Sunday Magazine articles

Man of Courage and Wisdom: Here are some of Nelson Mandela's best quotes

Magical Trees: Ancient trees provide a suite of ecological services to forests, as well as sustaining the entire tree population’s ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Free Way: A bridge will help humans and lions co-exist in the only major Western city that is home to lions. Los Angeles is breaking new ground in infrastructure for big cats.

Astonishingly Realistic: It's easy to mistake the drawings by this 25-year-old Japanese artist for the real thing. What's her clever trick?

Mother Earth III: In memory of Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, here's the third in our series of his Ten Love Letters to Earth.

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