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Good News Articles

A handful of last week's most popular good news stories (and most clicked video), just in case you missed any of them.

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Beagle Escapes and Wins at Dog Show: An English family was left stunned when their dog escaped only to return later that day with a ribbon won at a local dog show.

Act of Kindness Rewarded: A 17-year-old teen in San Diego returned a purse left in a grocery store parking lot - and although he expected nothing in return, hundreds of strangers gave him a very big reward: $17,000.

A Drink a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: But only if you're over the age of 40. Researchers have found that there's no safe level of alcohol consumption for younger adults, but midlifers get a free pass. Cheers!

Bison Return to Britain After Thousands of Years: The gentle giants released in Kent should transform a commercial pine forest into a vibrant natural woodland.

Best Time For Humanity: If you’re feeling low about the state of the world, consider this: In the long arc of human history, the world is now a much fairer, safer place to live.

Most watch video: Boney M. Dance Scenes Old Movies Mashup


Today's Magazine articles

Volte Face: One change to the US quarter this year has gone mostly unnoticed, but it reflects a big trend in logo design

Heavenly Photos: The shortlist for Astronomy Photographer of the Year has been revealed. Here are OGN's favourites.

Obscure Words: Don't you just love discovering new words? Here's OGN's compilation of deliciously obscure (but useful!) words.

What can I do about climate change? Here are a dozen simple things we can all do to shrink our carbon footprints and make a positive difference.

Flying Ship: Eco-friendly vessel can 'fly' at 125 mph and carry up to 12 passengers.

Today's Videos

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