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New Flying Ship

The eco-friendly vessel can 'fly' at 125 mph and is built to take on short-distance rides that are ideal for touristic use.

Images: RDC Aqualines

There's a new futuristic marine vessel being developed that is classified as a wing-in-ground marine craft and that is bound to impress. The vehicle uses the ground effect to hover above the waterline meaning that it may look like an airplane but, since it can’t achieve free flight like one, it’s considered a marine vessel, explains RDC Aqualines.

But don't let this limitation fool you. The marine vessel called Aqua has many features to boast about. First of all, it's just 22.5 meters (74 feet) long making it ideal to transport up to 12 passengers or cargo and two pilots. The vessel is constructed to take on short-distance rides ideal for touristic use.

According to autoevelotion, the vessel also boasts a maximum speed of 200 kph (125 mph) with a cruising of 180kph (112mph) and a takeoff speed of 110kph (68mph). Most impressively, the vessel is supposed to be a 100 percent electric and hydrogen hybrid making it eco-friendly.

RDC Aqualines, the boat's makers, claim that it can also be used in marine search and rescue operations. Their motto for the vessel is: "Rapid marine transport. Faster than a ship, smoother than a plane." Not bad! The ship is powered by a 600hp engine, giving it a maximum range of 600km (373 miles) at full load.

Want to see a CGI of the flying ship? See below...



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