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Good News Friday

Round up of good news snippets to conclude the week. Sorry, only one sexy one.

  • There are all sorts of business reasons why the Telsa Model Y is a crucial car for its maker. But we suspect Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, is most excited about the fact the full range of model names now spells “S3XY”. 

  • Morocco: In show of solidarity, King Mohammed VI has sent 8 million masks and millions of other pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to 15 different African nations.

  • Online art class smashes Guinness World Record, attracting 45,000 attendees and raising over £50,000 for front line charities.

  • Kanye West has donated $2 million to help families of the three black Americans whose deaths have sparked numerous protests.

  • Bank of England pumps an extra £100bn into UK economy to boost recovery.

  • World Food Prize awarded to a distinguished professor of soil science at Ohio State University, who showed how plants could pull carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in the soil, whilst also greatly improving crop productivity from regenerated land.

  • Facebook and Instagram to let users switch off political ads. The change follows Facebook’s controversial decision to let politicians and political groups buy ads without verifying them for accuracy. Twitter goes one better, banning all political ads, saying that any traction political messages get on social media should be “earned” not “bought.”

  • Two shields: There's more than one good defence against the dreaded coronavirus, says Dr Cynthia Li.

  • Malta: Holidaymakers will be allowed to fly to the country from July 15, as one of Europe’s most popular destinations looks to kickstart its travel industry.

  • Social distancing: with rules being relaxed, Don't Stand So Close To Me is, happily, no longer quite so applicable. But still a great music video!

  • Dexamesthasone: Life saving treatment for seriously ill patients with Covid-19 is now being used all across the UK.

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