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OGN Friday

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The magic of replacing TGI Friday with OGN. Enjoy our round-up of positive stories!

  • Golfers: For those of you who are enjoying being back on the course again, it's good to know there's a new phrase you can use for an inaccurate shot off the tee on a par 5: a Dominic Cummings. A long drive, but ends up out of bounds.

  • Switzerland: To lift limits on larger public gatherings next month, and ease up travel within the Schengen area by mid-July. Summer camps, cinemas, theatres and concert halls will all reopen by June 6, as public events of up to 300 people resume. Up to 30 people can spontaneously gather together from May 30.

  • Mexico: Company discovers enormous biofuel potential of Mexican prickly pear cacti.

  • UK: Popular Portuguese inspired chain Nando's has opened 94 of its restaurants for delivery and collection after a successful trial of socially distanced deliveries. It comes as welcome news to millions of chicken fans - including the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who described the reopening as "the good news we’ve all been waiting for."

  • Groups of up to six people from different households will be able to meet outside in England from Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

  • Denmark: Becomes the second country in mainland Europe to restart their football league season (after Germany) with fans taking their usual places via Zoom.

  • US: Pirate radio station hosted exclusively by retirees has been cheering isolated seniors across the country.

  • UK’s first car battery ‘gigafactory’, similar to Tesla facility in US, to be built with investment of up to £4bn.

  • Germany: An IKEA outlet is being praised for opening up its parking lot to local Islamic communities so they could celebrate the end of Ramadan while still respecting social distancing guidelines.

  • Australia: Top health official says it 'has beaten coronavirus' and a second wave of COVID-19 is unlikely as transmission rates plunge to nearly zero - with just 30 patients in hospital nationwide.

  • Ireland: Matt Damon jets back to the US with wife Luciana and their family after spending two months isolating in Ireland amid lockdown.

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