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OGN Monday

Snippets of positive, uplifting news to kick start the week.

  • AstraZeneca has contracted with EU to supply up to 400 million doses of its potential vaccine, developed by the Oxford University. Let's hope next stage trials are equally successful and deliveries do indeed start before end of 2020.

  • Fortune Teller: Comedian Michael McIntyre imagines what it might have been like if he had visited a fortune teller last summer (video). Perfect for a Monday morning chuckle!

  • Nigeria: Tech startup founder Ebun Okubanjo watched with dismay as his home city of Lagos entered lockdown, knowing that millions of Nigerians on the margins could be left with nothing. So he and his team used their expertise to create a crowdfunding site, 'We Are Together', to distribute cash to those in difficulty who apply for help.

  • Switzerland: Nestle has been piloting a new zero waste programme for their products in selected stores in Switzerland that significantly reduces plastic waste.

  • Ohio: A soil scientist at the State University, whose research led to improved food production and a better understanding of how atmospheric carbon can be held in the soil to help combat climate change, was named this year's recipient of the World Food Prize.

  • Holland: Bird houses for your roof - a clever idea for a safe place for birds to stay and raise their chicks.

  • U.N.: Coronavirus has exposed how the health of people and nature is intertwined, and protecting the planet, its climate and ecosystems will be crucial to preventing further pandemics, said the U.N. chief, alongside the Presidents of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Switzerland (and ministers from a dozen other countries), launching a 'High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People', aimed at persuading governments to agree on a global goal to preserve at least 30 percent of the planet's lands and oceans by 2030.

  • Singapore: New solar panel design makes energy capture 35 percent more efficient.

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