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OGN Monday

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Collection of good news items to get your week off to a bright start.

  • Ireland: The Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, announces an accelerated easing of lockdown restrictions, and all shops will reopen from today.

  • Slovenia: Bees are essential workers and the country's bee whisperers have a plan to save colonies from climate change.

  • Breakthrough close on coronavirus antibody therapy, according to the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

  • Minneapolis: After grocery stores shut down during a weekend of protests, school donates thousands of meals to families in need.

  • Germany: To oblige all petrol stations to offer electric car charging to help remove refuelling concerns and boost consumer demand for the vehicles as part of its €130 billion ($146 billion) economic recovery plan.

  • More than 140 Zuckerberg-funded scientists call on Facebook to rein in Trump.

  • Cuba: Communist island doing a great job restraining coronavirus.

  • Denmark: Re-opens borders for lovers, so couples separated by lockdown can finally see each other again.

  • Seed sales boom as more of us become budding gardeners. While more of us are growing vegetables at home as a result of coronavirus, online sales of flower seeds have also soared.

  • UK: Need your bicycle repaired? Government will give you £50 to get it sorted.

  • Malaysia: With virus 'under control', country said it would reopen nearly all economic activity this week.

  • England: Happy birthday to Derek Underwood, England’s most successful test spinner, who made his debut in 1966.

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