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Good News on Tuesday

Snippets of good news from around the world on 28 April.

  • New Zealand is on the verge of a 'brilliant' victory after five weeks of restrictions and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s handling of the crisis has seen her dubbed 'the most effective leader on the planet'.

  • White House suspends daily briefings. What a relief!

  • Watch the birdie: birdcams, like Panama Fruit Feeder, are the new Box Sets.

  • Silence is golden for whales as lockdown reduces ocean noise: Michelle Fournet, a marine acoustician at Cornell University, who studies humpback whales in south-east Alaska says this is an "opportunity for whales to have more conversation and to have more complex conversation.”

  • On the subject of conversation, a free app called Dial-Up is reigniting the lost art of random phone chats with strangers, filling the void of unscheduled, often serendipitous, conversations at bus stops or train platforms, or in a bar.

  • Volkswagen restarted production at its Wolfsburg factory in Germany yesterday, the latest of a fleet of European carmakers to take advantage of eased lockdown.

  • France and Italy to ease lockdown as Spain finally allows children outside.

  • Garden centres look set to re-open soon, so Brits will be able to get back to their favourite pastime.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson is back at work after recovering from the virus and says the UK is beginning to turn the tide.

  • Everyone's planning a party when this is all over. Just make sure that you're boogie woogie is as impressive as this elderly couple's dance floor display.

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