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OGN Saturday

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Nuggets of good news from around the world to kick start your weekend.

  • With working from home expected to feature as part of the new normal, the good news has to be that millions of men will play a bigger role in the lives of their children than before.

  • Royal Ascot: A little birdie tells us that Sharing, running in today's Coronation Stakes, is worth a flutter. Usual disclaimers apply!

  • Memphis: Uber driver rewarded with new car by Jada Pinkett Smith (yes, that's Will Smith's wife) after she delivers thousands of meals to hospital workers.

  • Some are convinced that answers to the impending food crisis may not lie on land at all – instead, they’re looking to the ocean and to feed future populations with crops grown on floating farms, fed by seawater.

  • Bangladesh: A group of volunteers is providing COVID-19 patients with fruit baskets and 'get well soon' cards to keep their spirits up. They have distributed about 1,400 fruit baskets since it began delivering them on June 1.

  • UK: Climate Emission Killer - construction begins in Manchester on world’s biggest liquid air battery.

  • Indonesia: To try to avoid another year of devastating forest fires, the country is dousing the land with 'artificial rain' via a process that involves sending salt flares into passing clouds to trigger rainfall. The good news is that this idea has already been deployed successfully.

  • Transmission of coronavirus is no longer judged to be “high or exponentially rising” according to the UK government, which today lowered the country’s Covid-19 alert level from 4 to 3.

  • Happier together: What Makes Life Good? And what can we learn about human relationships and happiness from the longest ever study on adult life?

  • Drive-in gigs: Mindful of social distancing, a series of drive-in concerts will take place across the UK this summer, organised by Live Nation.

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