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Good News Saturday

Getting your weekend off to a great start with a round-up of positive news.

  • Australia: Wildlife park celebrates first koala birth since bush fires.

  • Eureka moment? Law firms report rush to patent ideas amid UK lockdown.

  • Half the matter in the universe was missing. Now, apparently, we've found it hiding in the cosmos.

  • Elsewhere in the cosmos, Twitter hides Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence'.

  • If all cars were electric in the UK, carbon emissions would drop by 12%. Extrapolate that out on a global scale!

  • It's not just the people of Florida who can watch SpaceX Crew Dragon whizz through the sky today. If it's a clear sky in the UK, Brits can see it too. Where, when and how.

  • Korea: Two North Korean defectors just got elected to South Korea's National Assembly.

  • Europe: EU plans to pour money into emissions-busting sectors: €91bn a year for home energy efficiency and green heating, €25bn of renewable energy, and €20bn for clean cars over two years, plus 2m charging points in five years; and up to €60bn will go to zero-emissions trains.

  • US: autonomous cars for contactless grocery deliveries to low-income households in Washington DC is starting.

  • Given that tens of million tons of food waste ended up in landfills last year, a cost-effective, safe method for keeping food fresh for longer is a big deal.

  • UK: Chancellor Rishi Sunak throws lifeline to self-employed by extending support scheme.

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