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Monday's Good News Snippets

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Round-up of inspiring, positive news and simple, heart-warming acts of kindness.

  • Cassandra Freeman wanted to give people hope during this time of uncertainty, so she purchased a ton of wrist bands with the hashtag #CoronavirusCantWin to remind people that we will overcome this and that we will get through this - and has started leaving the wrist bands in little bags on people’s porches.

  • White storks have been extinct as breeding birds in Britain since 1416 (or possibly during the English civil war) but, amazingly, wild stork chicks look set to hatch next month after three pairs of the huge white birds built nests in West Sussex.

  • 63-year-old Julia Frascona has been working from her home in Wisconsin and decided it would be inspiring to do something to help others. "There’s been such a demand for masks, I decided to get out my sewing machine and sew,” she said, before hanging them on a rack in her front garden, so she can give them away to people who are looking for something to protect themselves against the virus.

  • Berlin: The shops are open again but face masks are compulsory.

  • Looks like face masks are going to become a thing all across the western world. Don't panic if you can't or hate sewing, here's a one minute video showing a simple solution.

  • UK: The Virtual Parliament brings a welcome return to scrutiny.

  • Little wheeled robots are delivering food and drinks to frontline workers in Milton Keynes.

  • One foreign buyer recently paid £6m for a home in London after only a 3D virtual tour. Matterport, a Californian firm, says its 3D cameras are selling like loo rolls.

  • Usually prickly pharmaceutical rivals are working arm in arm in the race to develop drugs and vaccines against the coronavirus. Keep at it, please!

  • All over the world animals are reclaiming the streets: 2 minute video

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