Robots Deliver Shopping to NHS Workers

There has been a big rise in the use of the machines by NHS staff in Milton Keynes since the lockdown was introduced a month ago.

Robots in Milton Keynes are delivering shopping to NHS staff for free as working long hours during the crisis means they sometimes do not have time to visit stores.

There has been a large rise in the use of the machines by healthcare workers since the nationwide lockdown was introduced a month ago, using delivery robots made by US-based Starship Technologies - which had just expanded its delivery service to include more neighbourhoods in Milton Keynes before lockdown.

The company, which owns the fleet of 70 machines, has been operating robots in the town since 2018 and they are now a familiar sight on the streets. The the white, box-like robots are about knee height, travel on pavements at a top speed of 4mph, and are big enough to hold several bags of food shopping as well as several bottles.