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OGN Sunday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Today's collection of good news snippets from around the world.

  • Queen's official birthday celebrated with Royal Salute at Windsor Castle after Trooping the Colour was cancelled for only the second time during her reign, due to coronavirus. Just 20 soldiers from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards took part, socially distancing 2.2m apart with specially adapted manoeuvres. Watch highlights here.

  • US: PayPal commits to invest $530 million to support minority-owned businesses.

  • South America: From Bogota to Buenos Aires, rising numbers in some of South America's major capitals are getting on their bikes as 'you know what' drives city officials to expand bike lanes and promote cycling as a safe, healthy way to travel.

  • Virginia: The oldest law school in the US (at Williamsburg University) has hired its first African American leader.

  • Guernsey: First place in the British Isles to announce no active cases of the virus, due to the efficiency of its “test, track and isolate” approach.

  • Miyawaki forests: Fast-growing, dense, mini-forests are springing up around Europe as part of a movement aimed at restoring biodiversity and helping the climate.

  • Lung cancer breakthrough: ‘Overwhelming efficacy’ found in new lung cancer drug. This isn't just good news for ex-smokers (or smokers), as 17% of people diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked.

  • If you want to be entertained by some extraordinary modern magic, this act from America's Got Talent is definitely worth a few minutes of your time. Even Simon Cowell was speechless!

  • Chile: Environment minister says post-COVID-19 recovery must be 'sustainable', putting social justice in new climate plan and giving a green boost to the economy.

  • Face masks: Study by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says face masks could provide a better defence against Covid-19 than hand washing or social distancing.

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